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Nearpod is a student engagement platform for K-12 educators. It features interactive activities, formative assessment, and instant student progress reports. Join Nearpod also offers plans for whole districts and schools. In addition to individual plans, the site also offers a school and district account, which is beneficial for districts where teachers may be spread across multiple buildings.

Nearpod is an award-winning student engagement platform for K-12 teachers

Nearpod is a cloud-based student engagement platform that empowers teachers and students alike. The platform provides interactive lessons and formative assessment tools for teachers to easily implement active learning techniques. Nearpod offers a wide variety of features and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of any classroom. It also integrates with third-party learning management systems. Nearpod allows teachers to create interactive lesson plans and upload existing resources.

Nearpod provides real-time insights into student understanding through interactive videos, gamification, and activities. It supports 1.2 million teachers around the world. Nearpod is available to teachers on a trial basis or through a comprehensive subscription plan. Teachers can try the product free for up to 30 days, and sign up for a subscription plan that covers a variety of courses.

Nearpod is designed for K-12 teachers and offers a variety of features for both in-class and out-of-classroom use. It features thousands of pre-built lessons for all subjects, as well as a marketplace for teachers to upload their own. Nearpod makes teaching easier and more fun through interactive tools and content.

Nearpod helps teachers create interactive lessons that engage all students. Its standards-based library contains over 15,000 interactive lessons, and teachers can also import PowerPoint presentations or PDFs to get started. Nearpod also provides a ‘Live Participation’ mode that lets teachers control the pacing of their lessons.

Nearpod recently acquired Flocabulary, an educational hip-hop video platform that uses music to engage students. Together, Nearpod and Flocabulary have over 200 employees across the US. With this partnership, Nearpod and Flocabulary can combat the student engagement crisis. Together, the two companies aim to create the best student engagement platform.

Nearpod integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. With Google Slides integration, Nearpod allows teachers to add a rich multimedia experience to lessons. Nearpod also has the flexibility to incorporate polls and collaborative boards. The platform also includes an extensive library of photographs and videos. The Nearpod platform allows teachers to easily embed YouTube videos and other video content into their presentation.

Nearpod also has a large range of formative assessment activities that teachers can use to monitor students’ understanding. Teachers can create customized Quizzes, Polls, Matching Pairs, Draw It, and other engaging forms of assessment. Nearpod also allows teachers to check how well their students understand a lesson and make necessary adjustments on the fly.

It offers interactive activities

The Nearpod platform helps teachers design interactive activities for their students. They have the flexibility to create activities that engage students in various ways, whether through video or text. The platform supports both blended and traditional learning environments and has multiple modes, including Front of Class and Student-Paced. Nearpod’s library of lessons is easy to search by standards and has learning objectives that are clearly laid out.

Nearpod features several interactive activities that add interest to the learning process. Some of these activities include Drag & Drop, Draw It, Time to Climb, Matching Pairs, and Collaborate Board. These activities are designed to allow students to exchange ideas and participate in classroom discussions in real time. Teachers can also create and host discussion boards on Nearpod, which allows students to discuss their ideas in real-time.

Nearpod’s free Silver subscription is designed for teachers who don’t want to pay a monthly fee. However, there are paid plans that have more features. For instance, Nearpod’s Platinum plan allows educators to create interactive activities with student notes and offers access to over 7,500 standards-aligned lessons.

Nearpod’s gamified and interactive features allow teachers to add a new layer of interactivity to a traditional PowerPoint presentation. Nearpod also allows instructors to assess student understanding and adjust their lessons. This tool tracks student comprehension in real time, which helps instructors tweak their presentations for maximum engagement. Nearpod also has virtual fieldtrip features that allow students to explore different locations using 360-degree views.

Nearpod also offers a wide selection of fun games that allow students to compete with each other in a competitive way. Students can also earn badges or certifications as they complete activities. Nearpod’s Time to Climb games are perfect for new educators. The platform also has a community of educators that can work together to create the best possible activities.

Nearpod also lets teachers create their own interactive presentations. There is extensive standards-aligned content available, including a 3D molecule quiz and click-based word game. Teachers can also create their own lessons by building and adding content.

It offers formative assessment

Nearpod is a free tool that helps educators conduct formative assessments. This type of assessment allows teachers to quickly and easily collect data to improve their lessons. Teachers can also use the data to inform their policies and make curricular changes. Nearpod can be used by teachers in any classroom setting and is easy to use.

Nearpod is designed for K-12 educators, but it can also be used in adult education. The software is flexible, allowing teachers to tailor their lessons to meet the specific needs of their students. Teachers can create lessons from scratch or integrate resources from the Nearpod library to customize and deliver differentiated content.

Nearpod also provides teachers with an easy way to create interactive lessons for small groups of students. They can use Nearpod to add quizzes, polls, videos, or virtual forums to help students engage in the learning process. Teachers can also add their own question points to the presentation, which allows them to assess how well their students are understanding what they’re learning.

Nearpod integrates questions throughout their videos, which helps teachers monitor student understanding and make appropriate adjustments. The tool also tracks student progress and provides generic feedback after each completed activity. This is a great tool for formative assessment. It can be used by teachers for individual lesson planning and can be very helpful in identifying weak spots and enhancing learning.

Nearpod is a low-stakes formative assessment tool for teachers. It works well in online classrooms, hybrid classrooms, and face-to-face classrooms. Its customizable content allows teachers to incorporate formative assessment opportunities in all teaching styles. With more than fifteen-thousand pre-created lessons, Nearpod makes it easy to integrate different types of content into a class.

It offers instant student progress reports

Nearpod has a host of engaging tools that help teachers monitor student understanding. Whether your students take an online quiz, create a collaborative board, or answer an open-ended question, Nearpod lets you see their responses in real time. Nearpod also allows you to create actionable insights from this data. Your reports can be exported and shared with parents and specialists, as well as with your students.

Nearpod also allows teachers to view the progress of their students in real time, enabling them to address mistakes and facilitate discussions. Nearpod also offers three presentation modes, allowing teachers to set the pace of their sessions. If you want to have your students work faster, you can use the interactive presentation mode.

Teachers can easily duplicate Nearpod lessons and make changes to them whenever needed. This ensures that data tracking is accurate and effective. It also frees up teacher time. Nearpod is a great tool for any type of lesson, from introductory to enrichment and remediation. You can share your lessons with your students in a variety of ways, including sending private messages in Google Meet or Zoom.

Nearpod offers a free trial version, but it has limitations when it comes to storage space and the number of students you can connect to a single session. The trial version allows for up to 500MB of content and a maximum of 30 students. If you are just getting started, the free version is a great option. With the Gold Edition, you get unlimited storage and access to up to 50 students at a time. Plus, you’ll enjoy volume discounts if you sign up for a plan with your school.

Nearpod is a great way for teachers to create interactive lessons and check student understanding. You can import your own Powerpoint, PDF, or Google Slides presentations and then add interactive elements to make your lessons more engaging. Students can also take quizzes and polls that are embedded in the lessons. You can also use gamification or create virtual forums to engage students in discussion.

Nearpod is ideal for online classes, as it provides a more personal connection between the teacher and student. The program also makes it possible to personalize the lesson to different age groups and learning styles.

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