Best in Backyards – How to Fill Your Backyard With Texture and Contrast Light and Shade

Best in Backyards – How to Fill Your Backyard With Texture and Contrast Light and Shade

Best in Backyards is a retailer of outdoor play equipment. They have three superstores in Connecticut and New York and offer a wide range of play equipment for your backyard. Here are some ideas to fill your backyard with texture and contrast light and shade. Also, read this article to learn how to create a beautiful and functional playground.


There are many ways to make your backyard look more beautiful. You can plant flowers in pots, or even grow edible crops. The cost of organic food is driving the trend of container gardening, which can be a beautiful addition to your backyard. Another great idea is to install a water feature. Adding a beautiful fountain to your yard can add a Zen-like effect to your outdoor space.

If you have a pool in your backyard, you can also install an outdoor shower for your guests. Pale paving is also a stylish option, and complements the exterior of your house and matches your garden furniture. A backyard with pavers is the perfect base for a pool party or just a relaxing evening in your garden with a good book. Another favorite backyard idea with pavers is a stepping stone walkway. It adds a sense of fun to the space, and the versatility of stepping stones allows for endless design options.

Landscape design can be a bit tricky, so it is essential to take your time and plan ahead. A good way to start is to draw out a plan. Do not rush to complete everything right away; instead, take a step back every now and then to assess what you like and do not like. Make sure you have a clear vision of your backyard before you begin.

If you have limited funds, you can also create accents in your backyard on a budget. One simple idea is to create stepping stones with leaf-inspired concrete. These accents look great in cottage-style gardens, but they can also be used in country-style gardens. A simple grouping of miniature containers of plants is another great way to add color to your yard. A plain outdoor shelf is also a great way to display inexpensive plants.


Using a combination of forms and colors can create contrast with light and shade in your backyard garden. Contrast is essential in a garden, because it makes plants pop and creates visual interest. Try pairing dark foliage plants with lighter foliage. Plants with different shapes and sizes can also add visual interest. Shade plants typically bloom early, so you can pair them with flowering plants for a more colorful effect.


A living wall is a great way to incorporate plants into your landscape. The plant life will add texture, shape and colour to your yard. You can choose plants with contrasting textures to create a striking effect. You can even choose plants with slow release fertiliser to make your living wall more sustainable.

You can plant a living wall anywhere in your yard, but make sure to choose a location with the right climate and light. If you live in a warm, bright area, consider succulents or ferns. Also, make sure you can reach the plants easily to water and maintain them. You can also choose to incorporate small, framed vertical gardens, which can provide seating for guests. A living wall can also be a natural habitat for beneficial insects.

To plant a living wall, select plants that will last for years. Coral Bells, for example, are beautiful plants that can grow in partial shade or full sunlight. Their foliage overwinters, which allows for continuous color throughout the year. You can also trim their foliage in the spring to allow for new growth. Another great plant to include in your living wall is Carex, a sedge that produces dainty white flower spikes in the spring. Succulents and herbs are both great choices and will add color to your garden.


If you have a backyard with steps or other stepping stones, plant between the steps with a low-growing perennial. These plants grow to only a few inches high and prevent weeds from taking over the space. They also add aesthetic value. These plants also do not mind being stepped on.

Choose a color that contrasts with the steps. For example, terracotta or ochre steps would be striking. You can also go for a bold azure blue or olive green. You can also use a brightly colored plant like narcissus or ivy. These plants will pop against the dark surroundings and give a fresh look to your backyard.

If you choose to plant between the steps, you should consider the type of soil in the area. You must ensure that your steps are built on a well-drained soil.


If you want to maximize the use of space in your backyard, losing the lawn is a great way to do so. You can design your yard in multiple layers and avoid digging up the lawn. Unlike most landscaping, this approach is free of chemicals and power tools. You can add organic matter to the soil in order to make it richer and healthier.


Evergreens in containers can be a wonderful way to create a dramatic look in your backyard. These plants add color and interest to your outdoor space and are often attractive to guests. They also require little maintenance. When you first bought a container full of evergreens, chances are they were young full-sized plants. Fortunately, breeders have created dwarf versions of these plants.

Evergreens also add structure and year-round interest to your landscape. They’re a low-maintenance choice that will keep their foliage throughout the winter. Evergreens are also a great choice for a patio, balcony, or rooftop garden.

Evergreens can create beautiful backgrounds for borders and beds. Their vibrant foliage can complement colorful perennials and grasses. Even if you’re not planning to plant an entire tree in your backyard, you can choose a dwarf Alberta spruce that will grow to be just the right size for a container.

Evergreens can also create screens in your landscape, lining a path and providing privacy. If you’re working with a small space, you may want to choose columnar varieties. In larger spaces, you may prefer broadleaf varieties. Rhododendrons are a good example of broadleaf evergreens. Many of these trees can be pruned into fun shapes. Junipers, for instance, can be wired together to make a stunning arbor.


A backyard with built-in seating can be a lovely oasis. It can be made from pallets, milk crates, or branches. However, it should be comfortable and sturdy enough to hold cushions or protective covers. In addition, it should be functional enough to provide you with hours of relaxing enjoyment


One of the best ways to add privacy to your backyard is to build a pergola. You can make a pergola with pressure-treated lumber, cedar, or vinyl and customize the design to fit your needs. These structures can be a great way to shield your outdoor living space from the view of other neighbors or even keep a hot tub out of view. They are also a great way to add extra shade and privacy.

There are many ways to add privacy to a pergola, from shutters to privacy screens. Some pergolas come with slatted panels or arched trellis that will block the view of your neighbors. You can even add outdoor privacy walls made of aluminum fence slats. You can also install a metal panel screen to add extra privacy and decor to your pergola.

The design of your pergola is as important as the size of the area it occupies. You can use it to draw attention to specific areas of your garden, while framing the view of the surrounding landscape. Pergola designs can also trick the eye, making the space appear larger than it actually is. Similarly, you can use them to create a “false perspective” by making the pergola narrower as you get further away from it. This trick will help you feel as though your backyard is larger than it actually is.


Adding garden lighting is a quick way to make your yard a more appealing place to spend time. It can highlight focal points, zone different areas of the yard, and add a whole new ambiance to your landscape. Uplights are especially useful for accenting trees and plants. They can also be used to highlight garden art. An outdoor sculpture may be transformed into the star of a night garden if it’s accented with lighting.

If you’re planning to add garden lighting, consult your local building department for lighting codes. Then, experiment with different styles and levels of lighting. Besides, make sure to follow basic safety precautions. You’ll want to only use outdoor bulbs and pay special attention to electrical safety when working in or around water.

Backyard lighting ideas range from small, battery-operated fairy lights to sophisticated spot lighting. Which one you choose depends on the size of your outdoor area and how much power you have. Smaller yards can benefit from candles and small home-made torches that don’t draw electricity. However, if your backyard is adjacent to the house, you can install more powerful lighting.


Backyards can be great places for privacy. You can create seclusion in two different ways: through exterior barriers and internal barriers. With the right materials and design, your backyard can be separated from its neighbors in more than one way. For example, you can place an arbor or a seat on the perimeter of your backyard. You can also build a water feature to create a screen between two parts of your backyard.

The main goal of creating a sheltered backyard is to create privacy and reduce the view of your neighbors. Creating a living wall and layering plantings are great ways to do that. Planting a hedge or other dense plantings can create a wall of green. You can also plant evergreens for year-round privacy and a spring show.


A focal point is a place where you can draw attention to the beauty of your landscape. It can be a standout plant or grouping of plants, a sculpture, or a water feature. You can also incorporate a bench or seating area around a focal point.

When deciding on a focal point, it is important to consider the size and shape of your space. For example, a large, rectangular space is likely to feature several focal points. A smaller area, however, may only feature one. In such a case, a combination of minor features and a large focal point may work best. In any case, the mix should be well-balanced to help your eyes flow from one area to another.

Once you’ve decided on a focal point, it is time to test your layout. To test your design, walk away from the focal point and observe how your eye travels through the landscape. If you notice that your focal point is conflicting with other areas, you may need to rearrange them or remove them altogether.


You might be tempted to overdo the color scheme in your backyard, but restraint is the key to great planting design. You can use a limited color palette of four to five hues in most garden plantings. This will help to avoid overpowering your viewers with too much variety and create a sense of harmony.

A limited color palette can be crafted by using the colour wheel. It allows you to use the complementary and triadic colour schemes. The complementary colours are located on opposite sides of the colour wheel, while analogous colours are adjacent to one another. You can even use warm and cold colours in a complementary or triadic combination. The beauty of using limited color schemes in your backyard is that you’ll be able to make more creative colour choices.

In addition to using limited colour schemes in backyards, you can also experiment with the gamut of colours by picking small bouquets of flowers or foliage. Play with combinations until you find the colors that work for you.

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